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We aspire to be an outstanding provider of lifelong education and training. We wish to grow into a training centre of excellence that is dedicated to providing students with the learning experiences to enrich them for life.

We offer a wide range of courses within the domain of aircraft engineering, and we have spent many months polishing and refining our training materials to ensure that our students are presented with only the best content.

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(September 2019 Intake in Progress)

EASA Part 147 CAT A1 TRAINING Course

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License Course
(Perfect for SPM leavers)
It's a place where real aviation professionals are created!

ATC is an approved training location under the approval of Aircraft Maintenance College 66 (AMC66) ;  together with AMC66 (NL.147.7366) we conduct an EASA Part147 Cat A1 Training Course This training program is designed to provide the attendees with full basic knowledge for category A license according to the EASA Part-66 regulation. The course includes both theoretical and practical training to meet the qualification standards of EASA Aircraft Maintenance License. Upon completion of the course, candidates are entitle to obtain their EASA Part 66 Cat A1 license.


Minimum age of 17 years old and above .
Be able to write, read, speak and understand the English language.
SPM/O-Level or equivalent with 3 credits including Mathematics, English alongside a Science subject.
SPM Forecast results are accepted.